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SXSW Music 2014

How to Do-It Better in the Bedroom

We are living in a DIY era. Musicians, Producers and Engineers world-wide are creating entire musical bodies of work from their laptops. This convenience is the ultimate luxury and keeps additional outside costs to a minimum. But how can you take your music to the next level in terms of sound quality, production and exposure?

In this panel, a team of highly distinguished, Grammy Award Winning, producers and engineers (who all work under the same roof) will openly share their knowledge on programs like ProTools and Ableton, discuss their insights and ideas on how to turn your bedroom mixes into professional releases and explain that this is entirely possible without breaking the bank.

"Quality" is a key ingredient in the music-making process and should never be sacrificed. Because technology is so accessible to the masses, there is no reason why your home-made music should be anything other than top-notch.

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  1. I'm a producer and make my own beats in Ableton and ProTools, but by no means am I a mix or mastering engineer. What’s the collaboration process like once I take my get into the studio with the engineers?
  2. Now that I’m knee deep in the collaboration process, how do I keep the price down while working with all of these professional engineers? Can you talk about the difference between attended and unattended sessions?
  3. If I’m starting to work on a record from home and I’m going to be collaborating with other musicians and engineers, what can I do to ensure the best final product outcome?
  4. If I'm going to be uploading my music to the internet (YouTube/Soundcloud/iTunes/Spotify/etc), why does sound quality matter? Wouldn't I want to upload lower-grade versions of my record, so if others steal/illegally download my record, they'll have the lower-grade version?
  5. You're talking about how it's possible to make high-quality music from home, but you are all working daily from recording studios with expensive gear. How much of your work do you do off of your laptop? If you really can do majority of your work remote, do you think the need for recording studios is declining?


  • Justin "Just Blaze" Smith, Producer, Stadiumred
  • Ariel Borujow, Chief Recording & Mix Engineer, Stadiumred
  • Bryan "Frequency" Fryzel, Producer, Stadiumred
  • Ricardo Gutierrez, Chief Mastering Engineer, Stadiumred


Madison Grieco, Artist Coordinator & Manager, Stadiumred

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