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SXSW Music 2014

No Rules: Defying Genres in the Music Business

Broad stylistic categories can be completely unfair to artists who strive for a unique voice, even as they are necessary for marketing and promotion. This panel explores how different corners of the industry view the challenges of "crossover" artists. Representatives from the legal, publishing, management, and booking sides of the business will discuss how they help artists transcend narrow labels. Questions from the audience will be encouraged.

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  1. What challenges do labels/publishers/managers/agents face in marketing an artist who crosses genre boundaries?
  2. How can multi-faceted artists use their breadth of expression to their advantage in the music business?
  3. How should artists approach relationships with agents/labels/managers/publishers if they don't fit in one stylistic category?
  4. How does the business treat artists in different categories, and how do those artists relate differently to the biz?
  5. How can artists take advantage of the market in parts of the world that may be more receptive to genre-defying music?



Dan Coleman, Managing Partner, Modern Works Music Publishing

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