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Z.E.R.O. Paid Media as the New Marketing Model

In May of 2013, WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell conceded his clients were wasting 15-25% of their advertising dollars, only he didn’t know which 25% exactly was being wasted. This statement resurrected a similar comment made by retailing pioneer, John Wanamaker, almost exactly 100 years prior. Only Wanamaker estimated that number to be 50%.
But what if both were wrong?
What if brands could move from being tenants to landlords? From being media dependent to media discerning?
Authors Joseph Jaffe and Maarten Albarda not only feel this is possible, but highly probable, given two forces that – when combined – will deliver a perfect storm that will rock the media world to its core.
In Z.E.R.O., Jaffe and Albarda introduce the power of Zealots (advocacy), Entrepreneurship (innovation), Retention (customer-centricity) and Owned Assets (direct to consumer channels) under a unified call-to-action that in a perfect world, the optimal media budget would be Z.E.R.O.

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  1. Is it possible to launch a startup, small business or new brand without paid media? If so, how?
  2. How does marketing move from a cost center to a revenue generator? What steps can a company take to move from being "tenants" to "landlords?"
  3. What does Z.E.R.O. stand for? How specifically can companies harness the power of advocacy, innovation, customer service and leveraging their assets (people, product, trucks, stores, website, etc) to achieve the same - or better - results than competitors using traditional and incumbent methods?
  4. Talk is cheap...what specific actions can a company take to implement Z.E.R.O. that focus on practical Cultural, Organizational, Strategic and Tactical changes?
  5. Which companies or brands are doing the best job of implementing Z.E.R.O.? Are there case studies or best practices to support your hypothesis?



Joseph Jaffe, CEO and co-founder, Evol8tion, LLC

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