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SXSW Interactive 2014

What's New in Fantasy Sports

Because fans want to get more involved with their favorite sports, fantasy sports continues to evolve and expand to provide more options for sports fans. Companies such as the NFL, NBC/Comcast, ESPN, USA TODAY Sports and Cantor Fitzgerald have all recently entered the fantasy sports marketplace or expanded their offerings in the fantasy sports marketplace. This panel will discuss many of the new technologies, apps and products being launched in this space, including the evolution of daily gaming, which is now the fastest growing segment in the fantasy space.

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  1. Daily fantasy gaming has exploded over the past few years and is now a $250 million dollar a year market. Now that the state of New Jersey has officially declared that fantasy sports, including daily fantasy gaming, isn't gambling, does that increase the likelihood that New Jersey casinos will enter the space? Will that cause Congress to reconsider the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforment Act and declare that daily fantasy gaming is gambling? Explain in detail why it isn't gambling.
  2. What are some of the hot fantasy sports products in 2014? Describe in detail what makes the new products appealing to consumers.
  3. What are the marketing opportunities for brand marketers? Explain why the fantasy audience is so valuable to brand marketers, including analytical support such as the overall size and make up of the fantasy audience.
  4. All of the big media companies in the U.S. offer some form of online fantasy sports product and a few have fantasy sports television programs. Will fantasy sports get more integrated into the television viewing experience or will it continue to be more of a second screen experience?
  5. NBC/Comcast just invested $11 million in FanDuel, a daily fantasy gaming company; Cantor Fitzgerald is investing tens of millions in a start up daily fantasy gaming business. How soon is it before the rest of the big media companies embrace daily fantasy gaming? Will professional sports leagues enter the daily gaming space?



Clay Walker, Vice President, USA TODAY

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