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SXSW Music 2014

Anatomy of a Placement

This panel will be a step by step walk through of the creative process, business, and legal aspects of obtaining a song placement on Major Recording Artist albums. It will begin with the music producer who creates a song or beat which he/she submits to a recording artist. The music producer will discuss building relationships with fellow songwriters and recording artists and the process of creating a new song that will end up as a single on a major artist album release. The next step will be the facilitation by the producer's management and legal team to negotiate the use of the song via a producer agreement with the recording artist. The last step is the facilitation of the producer agreement and legal documents by the producer and recording artist's legal teams with A&R Administration at a Major Record label and the Major Record Label's requirements to finalize the track to appear on an official Major Label Recording Artist album release.

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  1. How does a music producer go about setting up sessions to submit beats and songs to a major recording artist? How does the creative process bear a song that will eventually become a Recording Artist single or track on the official Recording Artist album release?
  2. What roles does a producer or songwriter manager play in solidifying a song that was created by their client and a Recording Artist to make the track an official release as a single or album track on an official Recording Artist album release?
  3. What are the steps a Recording Artist's legal team must take with a producer and songwriter's legal team in order to solidify a track that will be included on an official Major Label album?
  4. What does the A&R Administration person at a Major Label do once a producer, songwriter or recording artist sign off on producer agreements for a song that will be included on a Major Label release? What is the role of an A&R Administration person at a Major Label?
  5. How do music publishers help in obtaining placements for their songwriters with major label recording artists?



Travis McFetridge, President, Great South Bay Music Group Inc

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