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Avatars Meet People: Mixed Reality at Planet Scale

When walking in StreetView we almost have the feeling of being in the street. Imagine then to be able to interact with people physically in the street. People wearing augmented reality glasses would see the avatars evolving in StreetView.

The exponential growth of geolocated sensors has given birth to mirror worlds. The typical example is StreetView, deploying everywhere cars full of sensors. More, there are billions of smartphones, drones, google glasses constantly uploading geolocated data. All this leads to a frequently updated mirror world, covering the whole planet. Also, techniques to geolocate smartphones are now accurate enough to place the users inside the mirror world.

Today's virtual worlds can barely reach thousands of simultaneously connected users. But recent advances in distributed computing remove the scalability limits.

As all these elements are now in place, this year could see the emergence of a social or gaming platform using mixed reality on a large scale.

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Raluca Diaconu, PhD Student, Université Pierre et Marie Curie

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