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SXSW Music 2014

What Do I Do Tomorrow? Daily Music Strategies

It's great to have goals and ambitions for your music, but what can you do every day to bring them closer to reality? It's not "just" about how much you tweet, post, and blog anymore.
For many musicians, the day-to-day stage of your career is the one that gets neglected. Here's how we stop that from happening...
-Learn the "trade-up" theory for online marketing...
-Learn how (and why!) to effectively pitch local press...
-Learn how to turn one gig into many gigs...
-Learn how to plan your day effectively AND efficiently...

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  1. How do I effectively promote my band, work a day job, and not miss anything?
  2. How do I fully engage on Facebook? And do I really need to "promote my posts?"
  3. How do I delegate tasks and responsibilities?
  4. How much does it cost to get professional help with this? Should I?
  5. What happens when I'm not totally stressed out about all this stuff?



Scott Feldman, Founder, D.I.-Why

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