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How to Handle Suicidal Users Without Freaking Out

If your website has user-generated content or social media, you've likely gotten comments from people in crisis. Not only is this scary, but it can drain resources, raise legal issues, and create a PR nightmare.Prepare for the inevitable by creating a crisis plan. Together, Ashley Womble & Chris Gandin Le have advised safety teams at all major social networks, from MySpace to Pinterest on how to respond to users in emotional and suicidal crisis.
This workshop will provide an overview of online safety and mental health issues- including depression, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, and bullying - to teach you how to handle a crisis without breaking a sweat. We’ll outline best practices currently used by Google, Facebook and other major players and present case studies of crisis plans for small tech companies without their own safety teams.
You'll leave with:
• A customized crisis plan
• An understanding of your legal obligations
• Contacts for when you need to take action

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Christopher Gandin Le, CEO , Emotion Technology

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