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There is an "I" in T-E-A-M

From school sports to the workplace, we’ve been conditioned to believe there is no “I” in Team. But that’s a big, fat lie.

For years, the preferences of individuals, or “I’s”, have largely been ignored in favor of the Team. Organizations have eagerly implemented team-building exercises and trendy collaboration tools to support team effectiveness and productivity; but in doing so, have overlooked individual work styles and preferred tools, leaving individual employees feeling frustrated and unempowered.

But there is a new movement afoot, spawned by a generation of "I’s” who demand to work on their own terms and use their own devices; who want to empower themselves through mobile, social and other technologies to work in a manner that makes sense to them as individuals, not as members of a team.

Here, we'll explore the emergence of the "I" Team, its impact on team structure and group collaboration, and the strategies and tools to best support the "I" Team in your organization.

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Blaine Mathieu, Chief Products Officer, Mindjet

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