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SXSW Film 2013

The Action Women Want At The Movies

Conventional attitudes suggest that action movies are the domain of men, with films often being made by men, for men, starring men with women appearing only long enough to be saved. It's the most sexist of genres in theaters, but the reality is that women like action, too, and films that forget this are missing out.

Including a token woman in an ensemble cast of men or as a piece of butt-kicking eye candy just isn't cutting it anymore. A strong, female character, one who uses her womanhood as a strength not a weakness, is more than capable of carrying an action movie. Yet, for every success like Ellen Ripley there are failures like Catwoman or Elektra.

Who better to ask about what women really want than women? Join writers from Wired's GeekMom.com as we discuss the successes and failures of action movies, what we want to see in an action movie, and why leaving women out of the picture is a big mistake.

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  1. How can filmmakers overcome the male bias in action films?
  2. What turns women off and what turns them on in an action film?
  3. How do you make a hero that appeals to women without alienating men?
  4. Is there really a difference between what men and women want in an action film?
  5. How do you move from women being saved to women doing the saving?



Nicole Wakelin, Core Contributor, Wired's GeekMom

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