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New Orleans Music Today

New Orleans roots music is one of America’s most enduing regional styles. The city’s brass band, funk and traditional jazz sounds continue to be a wellspring of inspiration and grounding for musicians of many genres, and if there was concern that New Orleans music and culture would be left in the debris of Hurricane Katrina’s flooding, they have come back with renewed determination. Indeed, New Orleans has produced its first post-Katrina star in Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews, and the newly rejuvenated Preservation Hall Jazz Band is collaborating with Tom Waits, Jim James and Ani DiFranco. This panel will explore the challenges of performing and promoting New Orleans music today; the opportunities afforded by interaction between New Orleans music and other genres; and the unique cultural elements—the gospel choirs, high school marching bands, second line parades and Mardi Gras music—that continue to nurture one of America’s most musical cities.

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Scott Billington, VP, A&R, Rounder Records

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