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Who Owns Your Fans? Not You!

You’re a big, well-known entertainment brand with tons of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Great—now what? Success for entertainment brands can be driven heavily by social media. However, social media networks are driving conversations for brands mostly without brand control. Whether it’s fans discussing a TV show, an actor, a movie, or even a commercial, brands don’t have direct control of the fans and their conversations.
This session explores the concept of brands and fan ownership. Can fans be “owned?” Speakers will provide insight on how brands can gain control and influence the conversation without turning off fans. The session will show how to organize a plan that’s designed to engage fans and followers and turn them into brand ambassadors. Attendees will learn incentivizing and content creation techniques that help ambassadors amplify brand messaging.


  1. How can I create an engagement and communication system with my fans to drive social conversations?
  2. How do I evaluate the most powerful and influential advocates for my brand?
  3. What are the right models and processes for incentivizing my fans?
  4. How do I get deeper insight into social media metrics that have an impact for my brand?
  5. Is there a way for me to get back and take control of online conversations about my brand?



Nick Dimichino, Account Executive, Horn Group

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