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SXSWedu 2013

Personalizing Learning with School 21 on Edmodo

School 21 personalizes learning with a combination of adaptive assessment, adaptive learning, game-like incentives and teacher reports. On Edmodo, School 21 becomes even more powerful by integrating with Edmodo's rich communication and social technologies. As of the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, thousands of students are using School 21 for Grade 6 Common Core Math, Grade 7 Common Core Math, Grade 8 Common Core Math, Pre-Algebra and Algebra. This presentation/discussion will describe how students and teachers benefit from the combination of School 21 and Edmodo, and will address some of the most important questions about how personalized education can best be achieved for every student.

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  1. Given what we've learned so far about personalized education that is enabled by technology, what vision can we describe for a future in which every child achieves her potential? What is the richest, most worthwhile learning experience we can imagine, and how do tools and platforms like School 21 and Edmodo fit into this vision?
  2. What is the right combination of technology-delivered education and other ways of helping young people learn to use their minds well? How can technology tools and platforms enable both kinds of learning?
  3. Where are we on the road to adopting new practices, tools, pedagogical approaches and other methodologies to enable the vision? How are teachers reacting to the combination of School 21 and Edmodo, and to the opportunity to personalize learning in general? What's in it for teachers, administrators, parents and, most of all, students? What timeline is realistic to achieve our vision?



Jeff Marshall, Founder, School 21

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  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Solo Presentation
  • Track: Gaming, Learning and Development
  • Level: Intermediate
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