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Squishy Circuits, Toy Engineering and More!

From using dough to teach basic circuitry principles, to creating the bounciest ball using everyday materials, educators will experience SciGirls activities used to teach basic science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts. Emmy-award winning SciGirls is a PBS Kids television series featuring middle school girls engaged in authentic, inquiry-based science and engineering projects around the country. The SciGirls television series, website, online community and hands-on activities emphasize current research on proven strategies to increase girls’ engagement in STEM and can be used to engage all types of learners. After the workshop, educators will be able to apply the SciGirls strategies and modify their own activities in ways to engage all learners. Each educator will leave with free resources aligned to the National Science Education Standards and the Standards for Technological Literacy that contain activities using a creative twist on teaching STEM.

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Learning Objectives

  1. How do I engage girls (and all students) in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)? Participants will not only explore the research behind “The SciGirls Seven: Proven Strategies for Engaging Girls in STEM”, but will also experience the strategies through the hands-on activities. Strategies include how girls benefit from collaboration, are motivated by projects they find personally relevant and meaningful, and benefit from role models…and more!
  2. How do I facilitate a hands-on STEM activity to encourage girls (and all students) to continue STEM studies and consider STEM careers? Participants will create, design, and innovate through hands-on activities facilitated by the workshop presenters who will be modeling the SciGirls Seven strategies for engaging girls in STEM. Through experiential learning and discussions, participants will be able to apply the engaging facilitation techniques to their own classrooms and activities.
  3. Where do I find free, hands-on STEM activities engaging for all learners, especially girls and minorities? Participants will leave with free SciGirls resources containing activities using a creative twist on teaching STEM aligned to the National Science Education Standards and the Standards for Technological Literacy. Participants will also be connected to online learning communities, databases of hands-on STEM activities, and regional or national networks for STEM activity content and support.



Tricia Berry, Director, Texas Girls Collaborative Project; Women in Engineering Program at The University of Texas at Austin

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