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My Epic Evernote Experiment

Grosse Pointe Public Schools launched an iPad pilot program in January, 2012. Much thought was given to how the students would interact with the tablets, what apps to use and how to best integrate their use with course curriculum. Nick Provenzano, a high school English and Social Studies teacher in the district, took this opportunity to completely change the way he teaches. His goal was three-fold: take his classroom digital, go paperless and to help his students create a dynamic, meaningful body of work that they could take with them at the end of the school year. He used the memory and note capturing app Evernote to accomplish all three. In this presentation, Nick will talk about the considerations in converting to a digital-based curriculum, the impact it’s had on parent-teacher-student communication and the benefit of students being able to see their results accumulate throughout the year. Nick will also share the surprising outcome of the day the iPads were suddenly unavailable.

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Megan Soto, PR Consultant, LaunchSquad

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