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SXSWedu 2013

Producers and Researchers: Making Tech PreK Ready

The role of technology is a relevant question even for children in preschool classrooms. This dual presentation details a year of developing, testing, and integrating transmedia into classrooms and the impact it had on children’s mathematical knowledge and self-regulation. Producers from WGBH and researchers from EDC explore the process of creating appropriate content for interactive whiteboards, laptop computers, and tablets, as well as using these leading-edge technologies in traditional classrooms. We reflect on capitalizing on the affordances of mobile devices while continuing to nurture the social aspects of preschool settings. We discuss the tricky alignment of learning goals with game mechanics and entertainment to sustain engagement; and the tension between producers, researchers, and teachers, regarding the integration of transmedia into classroom settings. We also offer a glimpse into the latest developments using tablets to teach preschool math and foster collaboration.

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  1. How do producers and researchers typically work together to develop transmedia for early childhood classroom use? How can this process be improved? How can teachers be more involved in the process?
  2. How can leading-edge technologies be used to provide children in early childhood classrooms with worthwhile academic and social experiences? What aspects of the devices and the content for the devices matter?
  3. What tensions exist between producers and researchers, and researchers and teachers regarding the use of technology and transmedia in early childhood classrooms? How are these tensions addressed? What barriers exist for more harmonious collaboration and integration?



Andrea Rizzo, Research Associate, Education Development Center, Center for Children and Technology

Meta Information:

  • Tags: mobile
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Dual Presentation
  • Track: Social and Mobile Learning
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Advanced
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