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SXSWedu 2013

Edmodo Transforming A Bilingual Classroom

I will show how Edmodo has completely transformed my 3rd grade bilingual classroom into a digital classroom. I am a 2nd-3rd grade bilingual looping teacher who has been a member of Edmodo for almost 4 years now. My students will be using the Edmodo apps this year to integrate digital content in all subject areas particularly in math and create videos using GoAnimate as well. With their new upgrade this fall, I hope to be able to utilize all the new features it has to offer to teachers and or administrators along with the online quiz feature as well. Digital citizenship plays a key role in mobile device learning and Edmodo is a great tool to teach bilingual students what that means in todays digital world.

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  1. What specific area or areas has Edmodo transformed your classroom into a digital classroom? This question will focus on the apps and address mobile device learning using ipads and itouch's.
  2. How has Edmodo changed you as an educator today? What have been the key factors that have contributed to this change? I will discuss Digital Citizenship and address the responsibility of being a good digital citizen when using social media in the classroom and or creating content material.
  3. In what ways has Edmodo helped teachers become more effective in the classroom? I will discuss how the online quiz feature, creating polls, integrating google docs is a great way to effectively gather immediate data or feedback on any particular content matter. Its fast, right there, and helps save time.



Martha Lackey, 2nd-3rd Bilingual Teacher, Midlothian ISD

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  • Tags: social media
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Solo Presentation
  • Track: Social and Mobile Learning
  • Level: Advanced
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