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SXSW Music 2013

The Future of Music + Brands Looks Promising

As of fairly recent, music's use in advertising and with brands has become commonplace, accepted and sought after by brands and ad agencies - often through the use of licensing and original music. But with this new normal, music itself has often been financially and creatively devalued and under-utilized. But even just as this devaluation is happening, a real opportunity is also presenting itself - branding partnerships - and it's time as a connective creative force within advertising and marketing is really just beginning to take off.

Though we will touch on music licensing and supervision, which in many ways is the bread & butter of music in advertising, this panel will primarily look at the unique and unfolding opportunities of music in collaboration and partnerships with brands, ad agencies and marketers.

Included are panelists from all sides of this eco-system's equation: brands, record labels, ad agencies, music/band management & marketers and music supervisors.

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  1. What's the near-term future of music in collaboration and/or partnerships with brands look like? What's the long view look like?
  2. Where is music + brands getting it right? Where has music + brands gotten it wrong?
  3. Where is there unique and rewarding potential for music in collaboration with brands? Where, if at all, is growth or opportunities slowing down?
  4. What pitfalls/concerns face brands working in partnership with music? And vice-versa, what pitfalls/concerns face the music industry working in partnership with brands?
  5. What are some specific exciting examples of music in partnership with brands? What are some examples of failed projects? Are brands legitimate and vital patrons of music in this era?



Eric Johnson, Executive Producer of Music & Creative Integration, DDB Chicago

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