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The Intricate Web of Inequities in Women’s Health


Women’s Health continues to be a highly complex issue with many layers contributing to inequity, inequality and lack of access. In the absence of an infrastructure that is supportive of women’s health at the level required to ensure quality care, it is on brands, patients and providers to help close the gap as best as they can. The issue is that investment in women’s health is lacking and policies continue to contract women’s health rights. So, how do we continue to create meaningful change? This panel is part of Lippe Taylor Group’s Health Equity panel series.

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  1. Investment both financially and in R&D in women’s health is lacking. Severely.
  2. Women continue to suffer from discrimination in healthcare, with their needs often overlooked or misunderstood.
  3. From the exclusion of women in clinical trials to the dismissal of their health concerns, these biases have contributed to a lack of action and change



Jamie Jacobson, Executive Vice President, Lippe Taylor

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