Conversations Count: Innovating Early in the Deep South


Sixty years ago, children in Birmingham marched for equal rights and won. Today, children are again at the forefront of a fight for equal access, this time to education - and the city is the country’s largest implementer of early literacy edtech. Parents and early childhood educators across Birmingham are leveraging “talk pedometers” to close literacy gaps for thousands of children. Join us to learn more about the science of early brain development, the importance of interactive talk, and how one community is working together to ensure every child shows up to kindergarten ready to learn.

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  1. 90% of a person's brain develops before they turn five; babies need to hear about 21,000 words a day for optimal brain development.
  2. Innovative edtech provides data on the amount of talk children experience. Children impacted by this are 3x more likely to be ready for kindergarten.
  3. Birmingham has developed a unique model for leveraging this technology, using personalized coaching, community partners, and parent advocates.



Ruth Ann Moss, Executive Director, Birmingham Talks

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