Treating All Students Like Student-Athletes


Just 1% of college courses are responsible for more than 30% percent of all “DFWs” -- course failures or withdrawals. Colleges have long deployed specialized support to help groups such as college athletes navigate such courses and stay on track to degree. But for many students, these courses become a stubborn barrier to persistence and graduation. Advancements in student success over the last decade prove there is a better way. Come hear how a dozen universities are innovating together to ensure that no student is benched without a real opportunity to demonstrate their potential.

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  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges posed by high DFW rates in gateway courses and their impact on student success and retention.
  2. Acquire strategies & evidence-based interventions that higher ed institutions can implement to address high DFW rates & enhance student outcomes
  3. Feel motivated to explore student-athlete inspired approaches as a means to foster a supportive & engaging learning environment &boost student success



Kayla Kelly, Associate, Whiteboard Advisors

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