Harnessing AI for Good in the Classroom and Beyond


Industry may be leading in the development of artificial intelligence, but they aren’t the only ones thinking about how to deploy AI for the benefit of educators, students, and the public. From policy to the private sector, AI is top of mind for some of the most important players in innovation as they look at how to best incorporate AI for positive impacts in teaching and learning. Join this panel to hear from policy leaders and AI experts about how AI can improve outcomes and engage learners in the classroom and beyond.

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  1. How leaders in government and the private sector are taking intentional steps to leverage AI for the benefit of teachers, students, and the public.
  2. Examine how to harness AI for maximum impact while mitigating risks to teaching and learning – particularly related to bias, privacy, and plagiarism.
  3. Learn how a National Center for Advanced Development in Education could support AI research that improves education outcomes.



Tasha Hensley, Policy Director, The Learning Agency

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