SXSW 2024

Building America From the Borders


Discover how Northern Mexico fuels economic growth in the US! This intriguing topic explores the symbiotic relationship between the two regions. Proximity and trade ties drive seamless flow of goods, benefiting industries like manufacturing. Infrastructure development enhances connectivity, job creation, and prosperity. However, challenges of labor rights, environmental concerns, and border security necessitate thoughtful consideration. "Building America from the Borders" offers insight into this transformative cross-border partnership, shaping the future of North American economic development

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  1. How has the economic interdependence between the United States and Northern Mexico led to mutual growth and prosperity for both regions?
  2. What industries in Northern Mexico attract US businesses, boosting productivity and cost efficiency in the USA?
  3. What infrastructure developments boost cross-border connectivity, facilitating goods and people movement between regions?



Kevin Koym, Ceo & Founder, Tech Ranch Austin

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