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Are You Afraid to Die Alone? Why We Need Community Deathcare


Join us, a group of nonprofit leaders whose organizations are championing community deathcare as we talk about why deathcare is inherently a community-driven project. You cannot have a good death without a community, and the heroic, difficult, often thankless act of building that community is something that itself will help you live a longer, richer life. You simply can’t lift a body, wash and shroud a body, or dig a grave by yourself. The future we want to see is one where people die when they want to, where they want to, and how they want to. You are an integral part of making that happen.

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  1. Community deathcare is when volunteers come to help when someone has died, and perform the work of assisting friends or family with after-death care.
  2. Community deathcare is necessary because we are changing how we live: we are moving away from our families, offices and communities.
  3. Community deathcare requires a radical reimagining of our society, from the way we treat the elderly, to housing, to healthcare.



Isabel Knight, President, National Home Funeral Alliance

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