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Lyrics To Video: how every artist will make videos with AI


Since MTV, making music has become a visual affair: top artists have produced videos of their songs, some of which have become cultural masterpieces. Fast-forward to today, in the era of TikTok and social media, music has become even more visual, and pairing songs with with short or long-form videos have become essential. But how to keep up with production? AI might be the answer.
In this panel AI music video creators, technologists and artists will demonstrate the impact of artificial intelligence in the music video industry: from what's happening today to where these trend will take us.

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These are video creations fully made with AI from Ben Gillins (AI music video maker) and Mauro Martino (AI artist), who will be part of the panel, and who will show examples of their creation to the audience.


  1. AI will democratize the music video industry by making it possible for anyone with an idea to create even more innovative and creative music videos.
  2. Today's advancement in image and video generative AI is already further than generally perceived, including animating visuals and creating films.
  3. The music industry is accelerating the music visual trend, changing the way we consume music and how artists can reach their audience.



Marco Paglia, Chief Product Officer, Musixmatch

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