SXSW 2024

How to Get the Girl: Attract and Retain Women In Tech


While being fully aware that gender diversity is both business critical, many businesses have struggled with finding the tools to attract and retain women in tech. Something we both understand, but still can’t believe. In this session, we play with the format of quirky online lists and share our top 9 ways to increase gender DEI in organizations - based on both experience but also recent research and reports and success cases from our +30 business partners (among these are Volvo, Accenture and EY).

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  1. Actual tools to increase gender DEI in tech and achieve inclusiveness for real. Provide data to prove your business case.
  2. Change is possible and sticking to status quo is being lazy - it’s just a matter of actually wanting the change.
  3. Corporate commitment is often more important than governmental or juridical processes because of speed.



Siri Andersson-Melin, CMO, Women in Tech Sweden

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  • Event: SXSW
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