SXSW 2024

Harmonizing AI & Artistry: A New Era of Music Interaction


Join us for an electrifying session with celebrated artist Santigold and Framestore, as they unveil a trailblazing, fully interactive AI-powered music video. This groundbreaking project ensures that no two viewers will ever have the same experience, as each individual can influence and alter the video based on simple inputs. In an intimate fireside chat, Santigold will discuss her journey to embrace AI and how it's transforming the artist-fan connection. To top it off, attendees will be treated to an exclusive performance, promising a night of fascinating insights and mesmerizing music.

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  1. Learn how artists like Santigold are leveraging AI to create immersive, interactive experiences that deepen engagement with their fanbase.
  2. Understand the potentials of AI in revolutionizing the music industry, particularly in how music videos and performances can be individualized.
  3. Gain insight into the process and challenges behind creating a unique AI-powered music video, along with how this technology might shape the future.


  • Manon Dave, Creative Technology, Framestore
  • Santi White, Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Santigold


Emily Campbell, Marketing Manager, Framestore

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Fireside Chat
  • Track: Music & Tech
  • Track 2
  • Level: Beginner

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