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What the Writer's Strike Can Teach HR


Join Hebba Youssef, Founder and creator behind I Hate it Here, and a panel of speakers to hear more about what the writer’s strike means for the future of work.There's something fascinating happening at work right now: Not only is there a growing discontent for how employees are being treated across industries, but employees are being more and more public about said treatment, along with the laws being passed to hold companies accountable. This is an unprecedented time for HR and work. Our host Hebba Youssef would interview writers & actors affected by the Writers Guide of America strike, having them talk about their workplace conditions, and share what HR professionals can learn from the strike, and ultimately integrate into their own companies.

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  1. Understand the influence of the writer’s strike and what it means for workplace conditions across industries
  2. Gain insight on what trends are impacting work and how they could influence your workplace
  3. Uncover how to leverage what your employees want to create change



Ben Bradbury, GM of Audio & Video Content, Workweek

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