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Climate Justice and the Creative Industry


The DEI movement within the creative industry has made strides in recent years. From Chief Diversity Officers to ERGs to more transparency.

But, there’s a long way to go. One such area is climate justice — the intersection of the climate crisis and social & equity issues. As climate change disproportionately affects women and marginalized communities around the world, there is an opportunity for DEI allies within the creative industry and outside of it to also consider a push for a clean & sustainable future. From internal initiatives & policy to their clients & the work they do for them.

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  1. Climate justice connects the climate crisis with social & racial issues. Given who is most affected, these movements should be more intersectional.
  2. The DEI movement in the creative industry continues to pick up steam — but needs to recognize & include climate justice as part of policy & messaging.
  3. Entities — companies and creators — within the creative industry need to consider their whole business when examining their commitment to DEI.



Joe Cole, Founder/Creative Strategy Director, Lots of good ideas

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