Insider TechTalk: Open Chat About AI Writing Detection


Opinions about AI writing detection - from safety to efficacy - range across the spectrum so here’s a chance to ask questions directly to Turnitin's leadership and the team tasked with developing the detection technology. In an unscripted panel, ask panelists about AI writing, detection, pedagogy, academic integrity, and what the future holds. Our moderator is a noted education journalist and editor who will take questions directly from the audience and that means, anything goes.

Other Resources / Information - Academic integrity in the age of AI writing Sneak preview of Turnitin’s AI writing and ChatGPT detection capability


  1. Allow audience members to ask any questions they would like to ask the Turnitin development team that brought AI writing detection to market.
  2. Understand the fundamentals of AI writing detection technology that are universal to all detectors on the market.
  3. Discuss the terminology around detection technology and the process flow for educators, and discuss the issues raised by the audience


  • Kevin Hogan, Content Editor, eSchoolMedia
  • Annie Chechitelli, Chief Product Officer, Turnitin
  • Eric Wang, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, Turnitn
  • Patti West-Smith, Director, Customer Engagement, Turnitin


MICHELLE PATRICK, Communications Manager, Turnitin

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