SXSW 2024

Tech Unchecked: Are Developers the New Villains?


Developers should be ashamed of themselves for putting us on a path to destruction. Facebook was a powerful tool in the modern-day cold war propaganda machine that put Trump in power, thereby installing today’s SCOTUS and slowly stripping away basic human rights. Frances Haugen’s testimony before Congress revealed that Meta intentionally chose profit over public safety, our children’s mental health, and the strength of our democracy. Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme with a higher yearly carbon footprint than Austria. How can we regain control of tech’s moral trajectory?

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  1. Confront the uncomfortable reality that the tech we build and support has negative consequences for society and the environment.
  2. Examine how we got here and why proposed countermeasures and mitigation strategies failed.
  3. Explore potential steps we can take as developers and consumers to regain control over tech's moral trajectory.



Paloma Pechenik, Marketing, SmartLogic

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