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The Future of You: How Technology is Transforming Identity


Building on the foundational theories of Marshall McLuhan we demonstrate the ways digital media utterly transforms personal identity, even without us noticing. Taking the concepts contained in the recently published book The Future of You, we illustrate the ways in which humans are now transformed from one holistic physical self into a 'self of many selves', distributed across the internet, and dependent upon corporate platforms. Our recent primary research will bring to life two futures: one where personal identity thrives and another where it dies - the existential choice is yours!

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  1. How digit technology transforms identity at a personal and social level, building on the foundational theories and philosophies of Marshall McLuhan
  2. Why the age of authenticity is over and how we are entering the age of profilicity - with multiple identities and many selves
  3. This is an existential risk if we continue to under-appreciate this huge cultural shift, we outline what action leadership brands need to take



Tracey Follows, Ceo, Futuremade Ltd

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