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Rebranding a City Calls for Equity and a CMO


Every city has a brand - a value proposition to offer residents, tourists and businesses. Chicago identified a number of benefits: diversity of residents, a welcoming city for all people, an abundant natural resource - Lake Michigan, talent and brains that breed innovation and research, and a diverse economy with 5 top performing sectors. Do you ever hear that in the news? No. So how do you fight to change perception and the sentiment about Chicago while addressing real equity challenges that have persisted for decades in Chicago? Chicago's first CMO will tell you how in this session.

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  1. Know your city’s value proposition and back it up with facts. Learn how World Business Chicago’s Research Center harnesses data to tell our story.
  2. Create your own content and tell your story - make your own media generating platform. Don’t wait for others to tell your story for you.
  3. Focus on building a community where everyone wants to live, work, & play: engage civic leaders, innovators, investors, corporations, & entrepreneurs.



Michael Fassnacht, Ceo World Business Chicago, Cmo City Of Chicago, World Business Chicago

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