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Securing American Quantum Manufacturing Efforts


According to a World Economic Forum report, public investment in quantum technologies reached $30 billion in 2022 with China leading the way. Many argue that quantum will be a race where “winner takes all” and will have a profound impact on the development of other technologies such as the broadening use of AI, autonomous systems, communications, and deep space exploration. If we wish to grow these technologies in the U.S. to maintain a competitive economic outlook and for national security purposes, what types of public, private, and hybrid financing mechanisms must be put into place?

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  1. Explore current manufacturing, supply chain, and talent challenges and opportunities around quantum technologies and other things.
  2. Learn about various financing mechanisms needed to support quantum manufacturing, supply chain, and talent needs.
  3. Gain a realistic understanding of timelines for shoring up quantum manufacturing & how this will affect the competitiveness of the U.S. and allies.



Brittany Mazin, Director Of Engagement, Infleqtion

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