Citywide Change Starts with Early Childhood Education


Why focus on early childhood education? And why is that not enough? Hear how leaders in Oakland are working to advance equity and economic mobility through education, how folks in Tulsa are ensuring every child born there is healthy and thriving, and how a coalition in Dallas is working together to cut child poverty rates in half in a single generation. As you’ll learn from this panel, these strategies can be applied to any cause in any place. Attendees will leave with ideas for enacting change in their own communities, starting with our youngest learners.

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  1. Audience members will understand how to build strategic partnerships (politics aside) to create a thriving ecosystem of support around kids.
  2. Funders will take away key insights on how to invest in citywide initiatives to ensure all children can live prosperous lives.
  3. Nonprofit and school leaders will leave with concrete ideas for how to use a combination of data and storytelling to drive progress.



Lane Lowe, Co-Founder And President, Matterlab

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  • Event: EDU
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  • Track: Community Initiatives
  • Session Focus Area Early Learning
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