A Quirky Rom-Com: AI and UDL! Co-Create Your AI-UDL Toolkit!


(30 Minutes) - Join UDL experts, researchers, and edtech leaders for an exciting discussion on enhancing student learning by embedding UDL principles in AI. How can student engagement, representation, action, and expression be prioritized when learners and teachers use AI? How can AI and UDL reduce educator burden, provide educators with more time to directly engage learners, reduce barriers for learners, and promote equitable learning?

(30 Minutes) - Engage in a teacher-centered workshop as we live co-create your AI library of tools for engagement, representation, action, and expression.

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  1. Acquire a teacher-driven collection of AI learning technologies that use UDL to promote learner engagement, representation, action, and expression.
  2. Understand how AI and UDL integration will support learner variability and enhance teaching and learning experiences for K-12 students.
  3. Possess a strong, foundational understanding of how to assess both the benefits and risks associated with using AI in K-12 educational settings.



Bobby Moore, Chief Of Staff, CAST

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