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Empowering Citizens to Restore U.S. as a Haven for Refugees


Pew Research from 2022 showed that 72% of Americans support taking in refugees from countries where people are trying to escape violence and war. Yet the same year, the U.S. resettled only 25,465 refugees, far below the cap set at 125,000.
This discussion focuses on communities that are bridging the gap between public support and action and explores the many avenues for building welcoming communities for all. Welcome Corps will be highlighted – a new program empowering everyday Americans, working in groups of five, to directly assist refugees in resettling and building new lives in the U.S.

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  1. How can citizens frustrated by the politicization of immigration be a force of positive change to address the refugee crisis and legal immigration?
  2. What are the refugee pathways to legal immigration and what are the responsibilities and rewards of privately sponsoring a student or refugee family?
  3. What programs and resources are available to help me organize a group of friends or family members to privately sponsors a refugee?



Tracy Whelpley, Senior Vice President, Greater St. Louis, Inc.

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