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Unlocking the Power of Data is Our Clean Energy Future


Our electrical grid is a century old engineering marvel, but it was not designed to handle the exponential complexity of a growing field of distributed energy resources, like EVs, solar and batteries. This complexity creates many challenges, like intermittency, transmission, resilience and affordability. To fully address this you need to harness the power of massive amounts of data, coupled with intelligence. CEO Chris Black of GridX and CEO Mike Phillips of Sense discuss how tapping into the wealth of intelligence at the grid edge is one realistic way to achieve a clean energy future.

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  1. Unlocking grid intelligence gives consumers the best clean energy choices.
  2. Utilities need to better optimize the supply of energy and broaden its role in the clean energy future. This can happen by unlocking data.
  3. More smart meters means we need smarter data and deeper intelligence, to truly harness its power for a clean energy future.


  • Chris Black, CEO, GridX
  • Mike Phillips, Co-Founder and CEO, Sense


Bethany Ruhe, Communications Consultant, GridX

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  • Event: SXSW
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