Saving the Profession by Investing in Teacher Leadership


Three years of an ineffective teacher creates learning gaps that last a lifetime, yet lowering expectations for classroom teachers is too often the strategy of choice to address the teacher shortage. Come hear why we should instead be raising expectations to make teaching a more attractive career and retain teachers in the classroom. Teacher leaders, working with principals, provide the capacity to improve classroom practice across the building. Three award winning educators share how teacher leadership roles transformed their schools by increasing teacher effectiveness and retention.

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  1. Understand why the current flat structure of the teaching profession is not providing the support needed for improvement in teaching and learning.
  2. Learn how teacher leadership roles build the capacity needed for high-quality collaborative learning and individual coaching necessary for improvement
  3. Identify specific strategies and actions for engaging teacher leaders in supporting measurable improvements in teacher effectiveness and retention.



Kristan Van Hook, Senior Vice President Of Policy, National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET)

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