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Branding is for Cows; Stories are for People

Branding, as we know it, is dead. 21st century consumers are smarter, better connected, and more demanding. They want products and services that create fundamental value and utility, and allow them to connect and be part of a community. They want brands that tie them to something bigger than themselves. So how do you connect with consumers in a highly interactive and digital world? How do companies reach a generation that demands authenticity and more principled business practices? If branding is dead, what will replace it? The answer is storytelling. This isn't storytelling in the way advertisers think of it; it’s storytelling by design. Bruce Mau Design understands the importance of designing experiences that allow brands to tell meaningful stories. These experiences and stories can change the world. This talk will elevate how you think about creativity, technology, products, and people. It will give you the tools to deliver quality experiences, not irrelevant communication.




Alexis Green, Marketing + PR Manager, Bruce Mau Design

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