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Combatting Mental Health Stigma Among Veterans


Tragically, more than 6,000 Veterans die by suicide each year in the United States. A new campaign from Ad Council and VA aims to connect Veterans with help and support before things reach a boiling point – and reduce stigma and other barriers along the way.

This panel will break down the insights that are helping change the way Veterans think about mental health support. The panel will also showcase new formats, such as livestream gaming, where delivering the right message in the right place can help save Veterans lives.

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By March 2024, we will also have a new round of creative for the campaign that we can share.


  1. What To Say: How to talk to Veterans about mental health in a way that breaks down barriers.
  2. Where To Say It: How to bring the conversation to new places and reach Veterans where they are.
  3. How It Helps: Hear from Veterans about what resonates when it comes to this issue.



Nicholas Sugai, Vp, Group Campaign Director, Ad Council

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  • Event: SXSW
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