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Reimagining Energy Use with Digital Technologies


Representing 30% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, the industrial sector is critical to achieving the nation’s climate goals. Digital technologies enable us to reimagine manufacturing processes and products to reduce energy use, decrease emissions, and eliminate waste: creating “circular economy” product flows; increasing energy efficiency through smart manufacturing; and employing digital capabilities in new ways to enhance sustainability. See how companies, government, and researchers collaborate to develop and deploy these technologies through the Manufacturing USA national initiative.

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  1. We need to rethink industrial processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve climate goals.
  2. Intelligent digital technologies enable the rethinking of manufacturing processes and products to radically reduce energy use and eliminate waste.
  3. Manufacturing USA is building collaborative innovation ecosystems to advance these critical technologies.



Christina Jones, Partnerships And Outreach Strategist, National Institute of Standards and Technology

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