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Organoleptic Retailing: Using the Senses to Engage Customers


“Organoleptic,” defined as acting on, or involving the use of, the senses. Join the “Flavor Temptress”/CEO and Brand Curator of one of the country's best ice cream brands (Named Oprah Magazine’s "Sexiest Ice Cream Alive"), as they take you on a multi-sensory marketing journey. Explore and experience the power of Organoleptic Marketing through the seen and unseen world of smell, taste, touch, sight, and feel. From the visual impact of shop design to the often-elusive scents that keep customers coming back, learn how to create enduring customer connection through the sensual world.

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  1. Curating an organoleptic brand experience is the cure for brick-and-mortar businesses to survive the ongoing retail apocalypse.
  2. A properly crafted organoleptic experience will allow consumers to express and build their own self-image via your brand.
  3. The activation of all five senses in a retail environment will result in stronger emotional connections to a brand.



Kelsey Dorlac, Account Coordinator, Jasper Paul PR & Marketing

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