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Heat, Dust, Smoke, Disease: What NASA Measures in Our Air


Heat advisories, air quality alerts and extreme weather warnings are speeding up as temperatures rise. But—take a deep breath—so are the technologies researchers, doctors and healthcare policy experts are using to predict and track disease, weather and air quality particulates. Join NASA specialists and NASA-funded researchers using Earth observations from satellites to inform and care for impacted communities. They'll dive into projects focused on the air we breathe and how it affects our health, including cooling centers, disease-spreading mosquitoes, and wildfire emissions and pollution.

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  1. How Pablo Méndez-Lázaro worked with doctors and meteorologists to create a new air quality warning system for dust storms in Puerto Rico.
  2. How NASA helps track health risks like disease-spreading mosquitoes and NO2 pollution (which is associated with pediatric asthma).
  3. The role data can play in making public health and environmental planning decisions that help us live healthier lives.



Aries Keck, Editorial & Pr Lead, Communications, NASA Applied Sciences

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