Scaling High-Impact, Low-Cost Educational AI


Even though everyone is now talking about ChatGPT, accessible artificial intelligence is still lacking, particularly for those from historically marginalized communities. New technologies are here to stay and have the ability to close historic achievement gaps. But how can we make that happen? Join these leaders from philanthropy, research, and edtech as they discuss why AI can be surprisingly hard to scale, what low-cost versions look like, why the AI access gap matters, and the 21st-century solutions we need to include all students in an AI future.

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  1. Understand the challenges of scaling AI and its implications on accessibility for marginalized communities.
  2. Explore how new, low-cost technologies have the potential to democratize education and close achievement gaps.
  3. Understand the AI access gap and how we can bridge it for a more equitable future in education.



Sam Eastes, Program Associate, The Learning Agency

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