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Will the Youth Turnout? The Power of the Youth Vote in 2024


The nation saw near historic levels of youth participation in the 2022 elections, and can only expect the impact of younger generations to grow as more and more join the electorate. But determining how to interact with and motivate young voters to turn out at the polls requires us to better understand and engage this cohort. Murmuration, in partnership with Social Sphere, has been conducting research on the impact of Gen Z for several years, which includes polling to help understand what motivates this voting bloc and how they want to envision their future.

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  1. Understand how the youth turnout impacted the 2022 midterm elections and why this voting bloc is so important heading into the 2024 elections.
  2. Learn how Gen Z experts are connecting with young voters and working to understand their vision for the future.
  3. Gain unique insight and analysis about the issues and concerns of young voters ahead of the election, & what youth engagement will look like in 2024.



Peggy Ann Torney, Vp, Communications, Murmuration

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