Scarcity to Abundance: A Fresh Look at the Teacher Shortage


What if we don’t have a teacher shortage problem? What if we have a learning design problem? Right now we’re operating in a scarcity mindset as a field. There aren't enough teachers to meet basic needs. We try to fill the gaps. We scramble to get classes covered today when both the teacher and sub don't show up. And then one day, maybe, we’ll get around to redesigning for more juicy kind of learning.
There is an incredible opportunity to reframe this moment. What if we challenged ourselves to design for an expanded definition of learning FIRST - and what if that lead to abundant staffing?

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  1. A new understanding of a human capital framework for schools that starts with the redesign of learning.
  2. Examples of schools that fall into each quadrant of this human capital framework; real case studies to contemplate.
  3. A way to place your school on that human capital framework, and consider opportunities to move across it.



Michelle Culver, Founder, Reinvention Lab, The Reinvention Lab at Teach for America

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