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Global talent is broadly distributed, but often lacks resources and avenues to realize its potential. How can we uncover and nurture this talent, ensuring that exceptional individuals from diverse and underrepresented groups contribute to the innovation economy and advance scientific frontiers? Join this panel to learn how innovative research and practice are combining to identify and nurture the world’s high-potential STEM talent, allowing changemakers to harness potential as they generate transformative solutions for pressing global issues and create inclusive innovation ecosystems.

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  1. Discover why harnessing and nurturing diverse global talent is vital for addressing critical world issues, especially in science and technology.
  2. Learn how research and practice are using novel tools and techniques to identify high-potential STEM talent, particularly in underrepresented groups.
  3. Understand the steps world leaders can take to rethink perceptions of potential in order to make high-performing and inclusive innovation ecosystems.



Yeeva Cheng, Program Associate, The Learning Agency

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