SXSW 2024

Life After Big Tech: Where Are Laid Off Workers Now?


Amidst the 'Great Betrayal' and the rise of the freelance worker, we explore 'Life After Big Tech’. We’ll delve into the shift from full-time employment to independent work, the impact on worker trust, and the changing labor market landscape. We'll discuss why an increasing number of highly-skilled tech workers are going independent, how the headwinds hitting the tech sector are impacting hiring, salaries, return-to-office movements, and the freelancer market, and how companies can succeed amidst all this uncertainty.

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The Great Betrayal: After Callous Layoffs, Workers Are Done With the Full-Time Work Model:


  1. Uncover how the Great Resignation and the rise of freelance work are reshaping talent pools and compensation structures.
  2. Learn why highly-skilled workers are opting for freelance or fractional work over full-time jobs, even amidst layoffs, and the most valuable skills.
  3. Understand how the shift towards freelance work will reshape the way companies operate and help savvy startups survive.



Joe Lazauskas, Head of Marketing, A.Team

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