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Centering Employees: The Key to Seamless Digital Experiences


Companies are increasingly in need of finding ways to promote employee work life balance and also provide job satisfaction. Technology —not perks—can be a key driver. When plotting for your digital transformation initiatives, employee experience cannot be an afterthought. Closing the gap in the customer journey to create a seamless offline and online experience requires designing digital products and services that work for employees. Gaining access to such tools helps teams better focus on customers — and creative solutioning. Ultimately, it's an investment in your company's growth.

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  1. Creating a seamless, human-centric digital experience for customers requires prioritizing employees.
  2. Designing tools that are simple, intuitive, and even fun to use is paramount.
  3. Life is so complicated that digital products should be make life easier. Companies can help their employees in this regard.


  • Joe Stewart, Founding Partner, Design, Work & Co
  • Francisca Hawkins, VP, Digital & Enterprise Technology, Blue Bottle
  • Thais Cavinatto, Frontline Transformation & ESG Global VP, Bees


Rupal Parekh, Partner, Work & Co

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